December launch update

November 29, 2015 in Mail_All_Users

SLRA members:

The heavy rain last week has ruled out December 5th as a launch possibility, so I wanted to go ahead and notify everybody that that date at least was off the calendar. Our next club meeting is on December 8th, and we will discuss the possibility of putting a launch on either the 12th or the 19th - but please keep in mind that with the wet weather, the odds of this being possible are fairly low. Feel free to join us at the meeting if you would like to participate in the discussion, and look for another announcement after the 8th.

Model rocketry accident in California

November 16, 2015 in Mail_All_Users

This tragic news comes to us by way of NAR President Ted Cochran:

I regret to have to announce that our hobby has experienced an on-field fatality. Based on initial news reports, a very experienced Boy Scout leader helping out at the annual Rocket Rave event in California lost sight of a rocket after it was launched and was struck in the face when it came down. Please keep Michael Bentley in your prayers.

The most detailed report I have been able to find is here:

I have no additional information at this time.

Please review safety procedures at your next launch, including your procedures for tracking, pointing at, and calling heads up for rockets that present a hazard to participants and spectators.

A GoFundMe page has also been established in Mr. Bentley's name at

Gauging interest for a December high-power launch in Elsberry

November 13, 2015 in Mail_All_Users

At our last club meeting, we briefly discussed the possibility of having another high-power launch in Elsberry, sometime in December. There are three Saturdays between the holiday weekends: December 5th, 12th and 19th.

Our equipment officer, who very generously gave his time and effort to make the October Elsberry launch possible, is available for another launch, but out of consideration to him and his schedule we would need to decide on a date and stick to it - assuming that there is enough member interest to have a third high-power launch this fall.

Therefore, consider this a survey - if you would be interested in attending a high-power launch in Elsberry on one of these three dates (December 5th, 12th or 19th), please reply by email to by Saturday, November 21, with a brief description of what you would like to fly (including equipment needs), whether you are attempting a certification flight (and with which organization), and which of the three dates you would be available.

On November 22 I will tally up the responses and we will decide whether to plan another launch date. Regardless of whether we work in another launch date this season, I hope we can all agree that this has been a very successful year for SLRA and that we all owe thanks to Dan Welling and John Buckley for organizing and managing our October and November events.

Launch at Walnut Grove Nov 7th

November 10, 2015 in Uncategorized



A few of us from SLRA came down, met the members of Teeniemundie and flew a few rockets.  I took a few pictures. and yes those are cows in the background.  Beautiful sunny day, little wind.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 General Membership Meeting Announcement

November 8, 2015 in Mail_All_Users

SLRA is having our regular monthly meeting on Tuesday evening, November 10th, at our  meeting location: Google Map Link

Bandana's Bbq Sunset Hills
11750 Gravois Road
Sunset Hills, Missouri, 63127

We are continuing to meet at  Bandana’s BBQ Sunset Hills. Even though Bandana’s Sunset Hills doesn’t have a minimum food purchase, we are encouraging members to purchase something to support the use of the room. We have the room from 6:30 to 9:00 and we’ll need to leave promptly since 9 pm is the closing time.

The room will be available at 6:30 PM and  the business meeting will start at about 7:00PM. We'll need to be out of the room by 9:00 PM (closing).

If you're a member of SLRA and are registered on the website, you can view minutes of previous meetings here: Meeting Minutes Page, The meeting minutes will be the basis of our "old business" discussion.

The standard agenda for all meetings is as follows:

1. Treasury Status.

2. Recognition of Achievements

3. Recognition of Contributions

4. Members expenses.

5. Old Business - please review minutes for last month's meeting for topics

6. New Business

Online and paper membership forms with payments received by mail to be processed by treasurer and president.

Please comment on this post or email if you have new business for the meeting.

October meeting minutes posted

November 8, 2015 in Mail_All_Users

The minutes of the club meeting on October 13 have been posted -- sorry for the delay in getting these out. If you are registered with the SLRA website and logged in, you can see them at

Information for Teeniemunde Launch in Walnut Grove, Nov. 7

November 2, 2015 in Mail_All_Users

A launch co-sponsored by Tripoli Mo-Kan and St. Louis Rocketry Association at the Teeniemunde launch site (the site of next year's NARAM 58) is set for this Saturday, November 7 (weather permitting). We expect the range to be open and ready for flyers around 12:00 noon. Launch equipment for model rockets, mid-power rockets and high-power rockets will be available.

Maps to the launch site are linked below, or use this Google Maps link.



Tripoli Range Guidelines

October 31, 2015 in Mail_All_Users

Tripoli Rocketry Association has released a new Range Guidelines document to supplement the High Power and Research Safety Codes. The current version (1.2) of this document is provided here for our members' reference. It details everyone's responsibilities for conducting a safe Tripoli launch, including those of the individual flyer, so it's a good idea for everyone to take a look at this.

The original document, including any future updates, can be found in the Safety Code section of the Tripoli website:

Download (PDF, 531KB)

Teeniemundie High Power launch in Walnut Grove is go for November 7th

October 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

We are go for this launch, weather permitting.

I will post more details including directions later.

Is anyone interested in a hotel room?  I can try for a group rate if its not too late.

John Buckley

October Fly XIV update

October 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

At this point we have 9 people who are due to come to the contest, so we need one more to make it a regional.  So, if you are an NAR member and can show up either Saturday or Sunday at Buder Park for a contest flight I'd appreciate it.   You can fly any rocket any motor in the Random duration event.

So, please help out if you can.

John Buckley