Two Day Walnut Grove MO launch, July 18-19

NRC, Virtual NARAM, and High-Power Sport Launch
July 18-19, 2020
Walnut Grove, MO
Launch will be a combined effort (High Power, Virtual NARAM 2020, and NRC contest) of St Louis Rocketry Association (St. Louis) and Tripoli MO-KAN (Walnut Grove MO). The event will be held on the site of NARAM 58 in Walnut Grove MO, July 18-19, 2020. Site location is at - 37.4486N, 93.61565W.
John Buckley will host a model rocket competition range sanctioned under NRC rules.
Gary Cole will host the Sport Range. On the sport range rockets up to and including M impulse class may be flown. The maximum permitted altitude will be 12,500 feet AGL. Rockets projected to go over 8,000 ft, require a simulation prior to flight. Also, if you plan to conduct a Level II certification flight or have any questions regarding the sport range operation, please contact Gary Cole at Gary Cole is Range Safety Officer over all aspects of the launch including contest. Currently there is no local attendance limit in effect. However, we will follow current local and state health department guidelines as follows.
General Guidelines for Missourians
• Citizens who feel sick should stay home!
• Continue to practice good hygiene, including:
o Washing hands with soap and water, or using hand sanitizer, especially after touching frequently used items or surfaces;
o Avoiding touching your face;
o Sneezing or coughing into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow; and
o Disinfecting frequently used items and surfaces as much as possible.
• Avoid socializing in groups that do not readily allow for appropriate physical distancing. When in public (parks, outdoor recreation spaces, shopping malls, etc.), individuals should maximize physical distance from others.

Accordingly, we will do the following:

(1) Have hand sanitizer at several locations at the field
(2) Will not provide pens or pencils for common use to fill out flight cards - please bring your own
(3) Will not permit congregating at the LCO table or other areas on the flight range and LCO activities will be conducted in shifts, permitting sanitizing the launch controllers, PA system, etc.
(4) Will not operate model rocket racks due to lack of proper distance - rather, we will have discrete pads for the model rocket flights
(5) Encourage everyone to be mindful of maintaining appropriate safe distances
We recommend checking in advance the status of the launch before attending.
Range hours will be approximately 12 PM to 6PM Saturday and 10AM – 4PM Sunday. These hours are approximate subject to weather conditions and range safety officer’s discretion. Contest hours may be extended or shortened at the Contest director’s discretion (John Buckley).
A block of hotel rooms in Springfield has not been planned as yet, but may be if there is sufficient interest.
We will host a model rocket competition sanctioned under NRC rules. The Heavy Metal V contest will consist of the 6 events of the 2019/2020 NRC events list plus the three additional Virtual NARAM events. Contestants are free to fly any or all or none of the NRC events. Results for these events will be submitted to the national scoreboard. We will not provide payloads or altimeters. NO returns are required for this event except as required by the sporting code for altitude events.
Flight cards and contest paperwork will be available. NRC flight data will be submitted by the CD but Virtual NARAM flight data must be documented on the virtual NARAM website by the contestant. Virtual NARAM events that are also NRC events must be conducted under Sporting code rules. No returns required; actual durations will be used for the virtual scores. Virtual NARAM events that are flown will count toward the meet championship.
Contest hours will be 12PM (setup time) to 6PM Saturday. Contest flights will begin sometime after that. Sunday will begin at 8AM and the contest will end promptly at 3PM. These are approximate and subject to weather conditions and the contest director’s (John Buckley, ) discretion. Sport range hours may differ slightly.
For flying of drones and radio control aircraft anyone operating a drone must be a member in good standing with the AMA (they will need to show us their card). Anyone flying off the sport or contest range must be either a NAR or TRA member. Nonmember guests will need to have a TRA member take responsibility for their flights.

Heavy Metal V Contest events
C SRA-alt*
1/2A FW BG*
Sport Scale*
1/ 2A HD
1/2 A PD
1/2A BG
1/2A SD
1/2A ALT-alt
B PAY-alt
*Virtual NARAM 2020 event

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