Notes From Last Week’s (8/13/2013) Meeting

We met at the Bandana's BBQ Sunset Hills in their downstairs room and found it to be a nice quiet room with plenty of space. We agreed to meet at Bandanas again in September.

We talked about the Science Center Event (July 20 2013) and reviewed the pictures take by the Post Dispatch photographer. Thanks to all those who helped out. We have a meeting next week with the Science Center to talk about another
event next year to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the moon landing. David Kovar is heading the effort and asked a board of director member to attend. Ken Gianino volunteered to attend.

We have decided on a fall launch schedule at Elsberry. Since weather has been a big problem in the past with respect to the crops and condition of the fields, we have decided to be very flexible as we were early this year. We will contact the land owner and find the conditions of the field and then plan a launch with backup dates that will continue each week until we get the launch in. We are choosing Saturday October 19th as the first possible date since the fields may or may not be clear by this time. If the field is not available or weather is bad, we will reschedule to the next Saturday until we get the launch in. Once we get the launch in we will plan a second launch three weeks after the date of the first launch and a third launch if time permits for the rest of 2013.

Our October Elsberry launch will be an insured Tripoli research launch and rules have changed for those attending. Members of NAR or Tripoli will be able to fly as normal. Under 18 model rocket fliers may fly with supervision. Those 18 and over who are not members of Tripoli or NAR will not be able to fly unless they join one of the 2 associations or have made previous arrangements with SLRA as a guest flier. Spectators who want to watch without flying are always welcome to attend and view the launch from our normal spectator area. Access to the high power range and prep area will be restricted for non fliers. Look for more detailed rules in October.

SLRA logo hats, t-shirts and polo shirts are available for sale to members and non-members. Member prices: hats $20, polo shirts $20/$22(XXL)/$23(XXL), t-shirts $10/$12(XXL)/$13(XXXL). If you're interested you can get an item at our monthly meeting or at our regular launches.

Our September normal launch is on the same weekend as the GSLMA 2 day Extravaganza (September 21/22) at Buder Park. We are still discussing if the launch will be allocated for a Boy Scout launch or if we can even have a normal format park launch. Look for details on the web site after our September 10th membership meeting.

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