Notes from Tuesdays Membership Meeting (4/9/2013)

1. As already emailed, PayPal is now accepted for dues payments. We can also use a swipe device at the launch locations for launch fee payments or for selling t-shirts/etc. We're in the process of linking the club bank account to our PayPal account.

2. Dan Welling reported on the Saturday April 6th launch at Elsberry. It was very windy but there were several successful high power flights.

Under accomplishments:
Congratulations to Chris Franklin for obtaining his level 2 certification.  Here is the description of the flight from Dan Welling:

Chris Franklin flew his L2 cert flight - not on a little J like most folks and not a low altitude flight, but a window flight to 13,019ft AGL on a 5 gr 75mm Smokey Sam L1685.  Unfortunately, there were clouds somewhere around 9,000 ft or so.  A white rocket, no tracking, drogueless with a white main ;chute - found it in less than 45 min.  (And about 20 minutes of that was a false alarm when we saw a partially unearthed white PVC drain pipe 1/3 mile into a field.)  Main at 500ft was definitely not too low.  It landed about 100 yards from the river.

Congratulations also to new member Greg Pernoud who obtained his level 1 certification using an I161 motor. Luckily, Greg's rocket landed very close to a road for an easier recovery.

3. The group discussed a possibility of a second spring launch at Elsberry. The landowner was getting ready to plant his crops.  Once planted, we will have to wait until fall to fly again. the next possibility will be April 20th. Dan will contact the landowner to get a read on his planting schedule. I won't schedule the 20th until Dan has a chance to talk to the landowner.

4. The first launch at Buder park has been rescheduled to May 11th due to 2 groups of scouts who would like to attend. We will need help to assist the 40 to 50 scouts who may attend so please consider attending the model rocket launch. The setup usually starts at 12:30 Saturday and will run until 5:00 PM or so. Small H motors can be flown at Buder if the conditions are right and the rocket is less than 3.3 lbs. The field is not very large with a river to the south and I-44 to the north so any H motor flights would need to be in "low and slow" rockets (such as the Loc Mini-Mag). Look for more info as we get closer to the May launch.

5. Our new web site has been stable on the new provider and we plan to shut down the old provider before the May membership meeting. The only functionality left on the old provider is the club announcements and rocket-select mailing lists which will be discontinued. To continue receiving club email messages - you'll have to create an account with your email address on the new site once the mailing lists are shut down. I will provide the exact date and time of the shutdown a week before the actual date.

6. Dan Welling has yet to order the e-matches as part of the group buy.  There is still time to order e-matches so contact Dan or leave a message on the e-match forum topic if you're interested.

7. Special thanks to Mark Henriksen who purchased new relays for our relay box in November. This helps maintain the reliability of our launch pads when its time to press the button.  Acknowledgement of his contribution was long overdue and I want to thank Mark for his patience when I let it slip through the cracks. I'm looking at ways to improve our receipt process so that it doesn't take so long in the future. Thanks Mark!

Please let me know if there are any corrections, achievements or contributions that I've missed in these notes. Thanks to all who attended the meeting.

Heino Pull
SLRA Secretary


PayPal Added to Pay Club Dues

Based on todays meeting (look for more notes tomorrow), the club has approved adding PayPal as a way to pay club dues. A PayPal account has been set up for the St. Louis Rocketry Association with payment address:

You can automatically submit a club membership form for either renewals or new membership here.

After filling out the form and hitting "submit", you will be taken to the PayPal payment page with the dues filled in.

We incur a service charge for each transaction, so $1 will be added to the dues payment.
We also will accept credit cards for dues or launch fees at club launches using an iPhone based swipe device.
We will continue to accept checks or cash at club launches or for dues payment.

Prior to an upcoming launch, it will be announced if the swipe device will be available for payment of launch fees.

If you already have filled in a membership form, you may use the PayPal site directly to pay your club dues using ""
as the payment address. Please be sure to add $1 to the club dues to cover the service charge.


SLRA April Meeting Reminder – 4/9/2013

Next Meeting: SLRA is having our regular monthly meeting on Tuesday
evening, April 9th, at Growler's Pub.

Meeting Event Link
Come for dinner as early as 6:00PM if you wish. The business meeting will start at about 7:00PM.

Growler's Pub is located at 3811 South Lindbergh.

If you're a member of SLRA, the meeting minutes from the March meeting is available here: March Meeting Minutes

Topics for discussion at the April 2013 Meeting (partial list - filled as items come up).

1. Paypal account setup - who should have access (Treasurer, Secretary minimum)
Register as true non profit - probably not worth the trouble - register with state, IRS forms etc.
Add service charge to club dues amount?
Use swipe device at launches? (Comes with business account). Whose phone?

2. Lou Goldring requesting a date change for the May launch: 11th  with rollover to 18th.
He would like to bring a Cub Scout Pack with 39 scouts. Need club participation to support the group.

3. Status of ematch purchase.

4. Status of logo shirts/hats etc.

5. April 6th Launch Recap

6. Shutdown of PhpWebhosting by next meeting (May)

7. Members expenses - Heino Pull: PHP Webhosting for 1 year (after PhpWEBHOSTING canceled) domain registration ($13.50)

Mark Henriksen $13.38 for new launch control system relays.

8. GSLMA meeting

On line and paper membership forms with payments received by mail  to be processed by treasurer and president.

If you have any items to cover at the meeting please comment on this post.

Heino Pull
SLRA Secretary

Upcoming April 6th Elsberry Launch is Go!

"Good news,April 6th Elsberry launch is a go. Now I would like all those that plan on certifying to state your names and any motors that you may need ,We will try and make arrangements to have those available on Sat. You may post your Names here or on the Web site. I ask that you restate your name and wishes even if you previously did so because we may have lost some info. Thanks Again and hope to see every one this weekend Rodney."