No Service Charge When Paying Dues with PayPal

During our May meeting, we talked about eliminating the $1 charge for paying club dues with PayPal. We discussed the pros/cons and concluded that we should encourage members to pay with PayPal since it is easier for those processing memberships than using cash or checks. For now, there will not be a $1 charge when choosing PayPal for paying club dues. The website has been updated to only charge $20.

Domain Switch Over Complete – Announcements Mailing List Discontinued

Our domain "" has been moved from to  This means that all mailing list and email accounts hosted at phpwebhosting are no longer active. Any email notifications will only be sent to those who sign up at our new web site.

The mailing lists that have been discontinued are:

You can still reach our web site at either:



Heino Pull
SLRA Secretary

May SLRA Meeting Reminder 5/14/2013

Next Meeting: SLRA is having our regular monthly meeting on Tuesday
evening, May 14th, at Growler's Pub.

Meeting Event Link
Come for dinner as early as 6:00PM if you wish. The business meeting will start at about 7:00PM.

Growler's Pub is located at 3811 South Lindbergh.

If you're a member of SLRA, the meeting minutes from the April meeting is available here: April Meeting Minutes

Topics for discussion at the May 2013 Meeting (partial list - filled as items come up).

1. E-Match purchase status

2. Reschedule scout launches? June park launch

3. Status of logo shirts/hats etc.

4. Shutting down mailing list 5/15/2013, domain transfer

5. GSLMA meeting

On line and paper membership forms with payments received by mail  to be processed by treasurer and president.

If you have any items to cover at the meeting please comment on this post.

Heino Pull
SLRA Secretary

Buder Park Launch for Saturday May 11th Has Been Canceled Due to Weather

We're sorry to announce that the launch at Buder Park for May 11th has to be canceled. A combination of a weather forecast for  too much wind in the wrong direction and standing water make it impossible to find a safe setup location in the park. We share the park with radio control fliers and we have to avoid rocket recovery near the runways.

Buder Park had been closed due to flooding earlier this week and had just reopened.  I had a chance to visit the park today and found that there was standing water still present in multiple locations on either side of the runways.  The wind forecast of 17 mph  or greater from the NW at 1:00 PM tomorrow  (due to a cold front coming in) was the kicker. Our recovery area would either be in water or near the runways for some of our flights. After consulting with the officers and board of directors we agreed that it would not be safe to launch in these conditions.

We had 2 groups of scouts scheduled to attend and we hope we can reschedule to a future launch. We have a meeting next Tuesday and will discuss our schedule again.  We do know that Buder Park has been scheduled by the St. Louis Whirlybirds RC Helicopter club for a 2 day event so next weekend is not available. Please continue to watch the web site for upcoming launch information.

Reminder – Upcoming Park Launch with Scout Participation

As discussed at our last membership meeting, our next club launch is Saturday May 11th, at Buder Park - weather permitting. We know of 2 scout groups who will be participating and we'll need help from the membership to assist the scouts in launching their rockets. Up to 50 scouts may attend, so please consider coming out to help this Saturday. Park launches are great fun and it is an opportunity to serve the community by introducing young people to rocketry.

The setup usually starts at 12:30 Saturday and will run until 5:00 PM or so. Small H motors can be flown at Buder if the conditions are right and the rocket is less than 3.3 lbs. The field is not very large with a river to the south and I-44 to the north so any H motor flights would need to be in “low and slow” rockets (such as the Loc Mini-Mag).  Look for more announcements this week confirming the launch as we get closer and weather forecast is clearer and please check the web site before heading out to Buder Park. Here is a link to the event.