St. Louis Rocketry Association meetings moving to Fallon’s Bar & Grill

By a vote of 9 to 2, SLRA has elected to move our monthly meetings to a new location and date. Beginning in September, the meeting will be held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at Fallon's Bar & Grill in Olivette.

Google Map Link

Fallon's Bar & Grill website

Fallon's Bar & Grill
9200 Olive Blvd., Suite #116
Olivette, Missouri, 63132

Don Hanson is our contact with Dan Fallon, the owner of the establishment. I believe that we can use the room beginning at 6:00 pm, but I will confirm this with Don and include the time when I send out the announcement for the next meeting (September 26). The business meetings will run approximately 7:30pm - 9:00pm as they have done in the past.

Since we only have one Buder Park launch remaining on the schedule, I am planning to keep it on its scheduled date: Sunday, September 17. This means that we will not have another meeting between now and this launch. Please contact me at if you have any questions about the launch or the new meeting location.

Dan Crank
Secretary, St. Louis Rocketry Association

October Fly XVI

OK, I propose we hold October Fly XVI on October 21-22. I will sanction this as an NRC (National Rocketry Competition) meet. We will conduct October Fly WITHIN the NRC sanction. If you have any events you'd like to suggest be included let me know. NRC includes the following contest events: 1/2A PD, 1/2A BG, C ELA, A HD, A SD, and A PAY. I propose choosing OF events from this list.

For location we can stick with Buder park unless we can get one of our high power launches to line up with this.

How does this sound?

John B.

Buder Park launch – Saturday, August 12

Our next model rocket launch at Buder Park is scheduled for this coming Saturday, August 12th. The weather forecast currently looks great, with low winds, and a high temperature of 85 degrees. Please still remember your sunscreen, though.

Setup time will be 8:00 am, with the goal of having the range open by 8:30. We will fly rockets for as long as people are there with rockets to fly, but as always, the length of the event depends on how many people attend.

If you have any questions, please email me at If you need to reach me on Saturday, you can call or text me at (314) 630-7619.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017 General Membership Meeting Announcement

SLRA is having our regular monthly meeting on Tuesday evening, August 8th, at our regular meeting location: Google Map Link

Bandana's Bbq Sunset Hills
11750 Gravois Road
Sunset Hills, Missouri, 63127

We are continuing to meet at Bandana’s BBQ Sunset Hills. Even though Bandana’s doesn’t have a minimum food purchase, we are encouraging members to purchase something to support the use of the room. We have the room from 6:30 to 9:00 and we’ll need to leave promptly since 9 pm is the closing time.

The room will be available at 6:30 PM and  the business meeting will start at about 7:00PM. We'll need to be out of the room by 9:00 PM (closing).

If you're a member of SLRA and are registered on the website, you can view minutes of previous meetings on the Minutes and Bylaws page. The meeting minutes will be the basis of our "old business" discussion.

The standard agenda for all meetings is as follows:

1. Treasury Status.

2. Recognition of Achievements

3. Recognition of Contributions

4. Members expenses.

5. Old Business - please review minutes for last month's meeting for topics

6. New Business

Online and paper membership forms with payments received by mail to be processed by treasurer and president.

Please comment on this post or email if you have new business for the meeting.