High power launch is GO for this Saturday, September 30 – details inside

We have worked out the details for our high-power launch. Here they are!

  • Our waiver will be open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The range may or may not remain open until 5:00 pm, depending on how many people attend and how many rockets we want to fly.
  • Our waiver altitude is 17,500 feet AGL.
  • The club equipment trailer should arrive at the field around 9:00 am for us to begin setup. We would greatly appreciate as much help as possible with setup and cleanup, so please plan to arrive early if you can.
  • We plan to have a porta potty on site, as we did last year.
  • The landowners do not plan to provide food concessions as they did last year. Plan for your own nourishment accordingly. If you don't want to pack a lunch, you can check Google Maps for food options - there appears to be one restaurant (The Eagle's Nest) in Addieville, about a mile from the field, or you can drive about seven miles to either Nashville or Okawville for other options.
  • Launch fees will be $10 per flyer for the full day, or $5 if you are flying low-power rockets only.
  • We plan to have various sizes of launch pads set up, from the 1/8" model rocket rods up to the "monster" pad with a 1515 rail. If you have any special needs, please reply to this email and we will see if we can accommodate you.
  • As always, please be courteous to our hosts and respectful of their property. Once we get on site, we will clarify where it is okay to drive and park.

Location and directions to field:

From the St. Louis area (according to Google Maps):

  • Take I-64 east to IL-177 (Okawville)
  • Turn left onto IL-177
  • After 3.0 miles, turn right onto County Highway 4
  • Stay on County Highway 4 for about 4 miles until you get to Addieville
  • Stay on County Highway 4 through town (town street signs call this Center Street) until you reach IL-160
  • Turn left onto IL-160 S (town street signs call this Center Street also)
  • After 1.5 miles, turn right onto Raven Rd
  • Driveway will be 0.4 miles ahead on the right

Please email me at admin@stlouisrocketry.com if you have any questions. On Saturday, you can call or text me at (314) 630-7619.

Dan Crank
Secretary, St. Louis Rocketry Association

Save-the-date for high-power launch, and monthly meeting announcement

First and foremost: we got word that the crops have been harvested from the field in Addieville, and we only have a window of a few weeks to fly rockets there before the fields are re-planted with winter wheat. We are currently making plans to run a high-power launch this coming Saturday, September 30. We will announce further details after our meeting on Tuesday.

Speaking of which...SLRA is having our regular monthly meeting on Tuesday evening, September 26th, at our NEW meeting location: Google Map Link

Fallon's Bar & Grill
9200 Olive Blvd. #116
Olivette, Missouri, 63132

The room will be available at 6:30 PM and  the business meeting will start at about 7:00PM.

If you're a member of SLRA and are registered on the website, you can view minutes of previous meetings here: Meeting Minutes Page, The meeting minutes will be the basis of our "old business" discussion.

The standard agenda for all meetings is as follows:

1. Treasury Status.

2. Recognition of Achievements

3. Recognition of Contributions

4. Members expenses.

5. Old Business - please review minutes for last month's meeting for topics

6. New Business

Online and paper membership forms with payments received by mail to be processed by treasurer and president.

Please email admin@stlouisrocketry.com if you have new business for the meeting.

Clearing at Buder Park

We've had a couple of periods of light rain, but we have flown several rockets and several people are here. I expect that we will keep the range open at least until 11:30 or so if the rain stays away (and it is beginning to clear right now).

Again, please text me at (314) 630-7619 for an update if you're thinking of coming out.


Rain at Buder Park

The rain forecast increased from 20% to 50% overnight, and then became 100% just as we got the range set up (i.e., we're sitting here in the rain right now). If you haven't started down here yet, I would recommend holding off.

We are watching the weather and discussing. I will post another update if and when we decide to close the range. If you need a more immediate update, please text me at (314) 630-7619.


Buder Park launch – Sunday, September 17

Our next model rocket launch at Buder Park is scheduled for this coming Sunday, September 17th. The weather forecast currently looks pretty good, with moderate winds, and a high temperature of 89 degrees. There appears to be a slight chance of rain, which we'll have to keep an eye on.

Setup time will be 8:00 am, with the goal of having the range open by 8:30. We will fly rockets for as long as people are there with rockets to fly, but as always, the length of the event depends on how many people attend.

As previously announced by John Buckley, this launch will be sanctioned as a NAR NRC (National Rocketry Competition) launch. Link to official NRC launch information. If you have any questions about the competition aspect of the launch, please contact John at jbuckley1996@gmail.com. Sport flyers (non-competition flyers) are welcome at the launch as always.

If you have any other questions, please email me at admin@stlouisrocketry.com. If you need to reach me on Sunday, you can call or text me at (314) 630-7619.


October Fly XVI Update, October 21-22

October Fly this year will be held October 21-22, at Buder Park.

Contest events:

1/4A Altitude (altimeter)

1/2A PD*


1/2A BG*

1/2A HD

Predicted duration

*NRC event

This contest will be sanctioned as an NRC competition, three of the NRC events are on the events list.  All NRC events may be flown at this meet.  Contestants wishing to fly A payload or C ELA must provide their own NAR compliant payloads and eggs.  Stopwatches will be available.

Contest hours will be 10AM to 5PM Saturday and 9AM to 3PM Sunday.  The contest will end promptly at 3PM Sunday.

John Buckley