High Power Launch @ Elsberry – Sunday March 1st

Sunday, March 1st is the date for our next high-power launch. This launch will be held at the Elsberry launch field (see map).

  • Our waiver will be open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The range may or may not remain open until 4:00 pm, depending on how many people attend and how many rockets we want to fly.
    Our waiver altitude is 6,500 feet AGL, with call-in windows to 14,500 feet AGL.
  • The club equipment trailer should arrive at the field around 9:00 am for us to begin setup. We would greatly appreciate as much help as possible with setup and cleanup, so please plan to arrive early if you can.
  • There will be neither food concessions nor restroom facilities at this site, but it is a very short drive into town for those needs.
  • Launch fees will be $0 for Low-Power Rockets (also called Model Rockets and class 1 rockets, with 1/4 A up to G80 engines) if you're a PAID SLRA member, and $3 if you're not a paid SLRA member; and $10 for High-Power Rockets (also called class 2 rockets, with H up to O engines), however we are currently only able to fly rocket motors up to M.
  • We plan to have various sizes of launch pads set up, from the 1/8" model rocket rods up to 1515 rails. If you have any special needs, please reply to this email and we will see if we can accommodate you.
  • As always, please be courteous to our hosts and respectful of their property, including driving slowly on all farm roads. Once we get on site, we will clarify where it is okay to drive and park.

Location and directions to field:

Take MO-79 to Highway JJ, the first intersection south of the town of Elsberry.
From this point, we should have signs up to guide you - but head east onto Old Missouri 79 (if you were coming north from the St. Louis area, this is a right turn) and continue straight onto the farm road where the main road takes another right turn.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020 General Membership Meeting Announcement

SLRA is having our regular monthly meeting on Tuesday evening, February 25, at our regular meeting location:

Fallon's Bar & Grill 9200 Olive Blvd. #116 Olivette, Missouri, 63132

The room will be available at 6:00 PM and the business meeting will start at about 7:00PM.

If you're a member of SLRA and are registered on the website, you can view minutes of previous meetings here: Meeting Minutes Page, The meeting minutes will be the basis of our "old business" discussion.


  1. Treasury Status.
  2. Recognition of Achievements
  3. Recognition of Contributions
  4. Members expenses.
  5. Old Business - please review minutes for last month's meeting for topics
  6. New Business -

Online and paper membership forms with payments received by mail to be processed by treasurer and president.

Please email admin@stlouisrocketry.com if you have new business for the meeting.

Corky Borgmann of the Tripoli Mo-KaN Prefect Passed Away

From: Gary Cole <gary.cole@att.net>
Sent: Monday, February 3, 2020 10:29 PM
To: John Buckley <jbuckley1996@gmail.com>; Dan Welling <danw1963@hotmail.com>
Subject: Passing of Fellow Rocketeer Corky Borgmann John and Dan,
Attached is message Marty sent out this evening concerning the passing this morning of Corky Borgmann.  It's a very sad day for our club.  One of Corky's lasting legacies is his securing of the launch site in Walnut Grove. 

To all,
It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that our friend and fellow rocketeer Corky Borgmann passed away this morning. Corky wasn't too active in the club the last few years so some of the newer members may not have had the pleasure of knowing him. 
I met Corky in 2001 when I joined the club. Over the years we attended many an LDRS and club launch and participated in club projects and motor making sessions. After he stopped being active in the club, he spent a lot of his time driving his sand buggy, and traveling the country in his motor home with his wife Toni. Corky's passing will leave a giant rocket shaped hole in my heart. 
Visitation will be on Friday, Feb 7, 11:00-12:30 at Greenlawn Funeral Home on Battlefield Rd, Springfield, MO. Funeral follows at Veterans Cemetary off 65 & Evans RD.
Marty Cox