SLRA Rocketry Library

Dear SLRA members,

With these idle times, I was trying to improve my access to rocketry research, and I was wondering if any club members might be able to help.  I have a book scanner that does no harm to the book or magazine being scanned.  What I would like to do is to scan complete sets of rocketry related magazines and turn them into pdf files that are searchable with your computer.

If you have a collection of magazines (especially HPR ones like Extreme Rocketry that are no longer available) that I could borrow, I would be more than willing to pick them up - in these socially distanced times, you can just leave them on your doorstep, and phone me for pickup when ready.  I will scan them quickly, and return them to you in the same way.  

What you get is a digital copy of the searchable pdf files for your magazines.

If curious, more information about the scanner is here.

Note - I have no intent or desire to sell these scans - this is no different than what many libraries do with their collections, and no different than if the members of SLRA donated the magazines to a club library for their members use.  Selling them, however, would be a violation of the magazine owners ability to receive revenue from them. Does the SLRA have a library?

If interested,  please let me know by emailing me what you have to share.  If you need boxes for the magazines, I have a few of those I can bring, too.


Gary Liming