Tomorrows Park Launch Information

A few members have expressed interest in tomorrows launch.  I posting this to inform other club members if they're interested in coming to the launch.

Several club members are meeting tomorrow at 11:00 am at  Buder Park for a small setup launch.  I'm including Dan Welliings equipment list for the light setup:

It looks like a small number plan to attend so equipment is being kept fairly minimal (no PA, etc.).  I will transfer club equipment needed to Dan Crank tomorrow.  Please advise if you need anything beyond what is listed below.

Launch control box
(3) extension cords
Clip leads
Small rod case (1/8 and 3/16)
(1) 1/4" rod
1010 rail (small rail)
stand for rail
(2) wooden X-pads

Mike is bringing his controller, battery, table, a couple chairs and his launch pad.

Michael Walsh may also attend if I remember correctly  .


Setup at Buder Park depends on the wind direction and will be determined at setup. We need to stay away from the RC field in the south part of the park since there will be aircraft in the air. I'm including a Google map image that I posted earlier in the year for a layout of the field. We setup usually on the very left or right of the field at the border between the soccer fields and the RC field (shown as a hedge row in the middle of the field).

You may be approached by a park ranger.  Please be very courteous and indicate that we are members of St. Louis Rocketry Assocation and are also members of GSLMA who manages the park for the St. Louis County Parks Department.  If there are any questions, indicate that this is a regularly scheduled insured SLRA launch and that we have been allowed access in the past in the areas away from the RC field. Please follow any directions given by the park rangers.


If you have any questions you can email me at


Thanks and have a good launch!