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To join SLRA (or renew your membership) and pay by cash or check, you can either a) fill out this online form, then submit payment either by mail or in person at a meeting or launch, or b) print and fill out this paper form, and mail it with payment or bring it with payment to a meeting or launch.

If you would prefer to pay online via PayPal or credit card, please click here to use the PayPal / credit card membership form.

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I agree that as a member of the St. Louis Rocketry Association (SLRA) that I will comply with all provisions of SLRA’s by-laws and rules. All of the information provided above is complete and accurate. I understand that SLRA cannot be held responsible for the actions, whether directly or indirectly related to rocketry activities. I understand that the SLRA does not assume liability of any kind with regard to my activities or the activities of others, including SLRA officers, directors, members, guests or third parties. I release the SLRA from any and all claims, demands, damages, actions, causes of action or suits at law or in equity, of whatever kind or nature, directly or indirectly related to rocketry activities. I assume all responsibility for the risks, damages, injury or even death that may occur related to my rocketry activities.

Dues are $25 per calendar year. New members joining on or after July 1st pay pro-rated dues of $12.50. Please make checks payable to St. Louis Rocketry Association.

Check payments may be mailed to:

St. Louis Rocketry Association c/o Darrell Weber
137 Benham Dr.
Millstadt, IL 62260

You are also welcome to submit payment by cash or check at any SLRA meeting or launch.

If you would prefer to pay online, please use the credit card / PayPal¬†membership form in the “Join SLRA” menu above.