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5 thoughts on “Subscribe to the SLRA announcement mailing list

  1. Hey Guys,

    I normally travel home on Friday to my home in Ozark. I willstay in my hotel until Saturday if the launch is on. The weather looks good.

    Let me know if I should stay or check out tomorrow morning,


  2. Hello.
    I have been flying Estes Model Rockets since the 60’s and am looking forward to being part of the St. Louis Rocketry Club.
    I primarily hold launches for my church’s children’s and youth groups and local scouting groups.
    Over the last 5 years I added mid-power rockets – Estes Argent, Leviathan, Partizan and Ventris.
    I would like to move forward to High Power Rockets (Level 1) using one of these mid-power rockets, and would appreciate you guidance and help.
    Thank you;
    Darrell Weber

    • Welcome! I just updated your member status.

      One of our members did a Level 1 certification last summer with one of the Estes Pro Series II rockets – I think it may have been an Argent, but I’m not sure – so I know it is possible! I encourage you to come to one of our launches or meetings and discuss it. Please email us at if you have any questions at all.

  3. Are there any SLRA members that live in the Alton area that would like to meet up to fly low powered model rockets locally? It’s hard for me to get to the scheduled launches at times, but flying alone is not as fun.

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